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The Year Is One

by Comes With The Fall

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val_bourque It's hard to choose a favorite from this album. Every song here blows me to another galaxy. I live my life through music and lyrics and I just want to stand in front of these guys to hear all of it. I enjoy jumping right into the fire filled dungeon. It's where I seek the burn. 🖤 Favorite track: Take It Out On Me.
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Murder Scene 03:10
MURDER SCENE (Lyrics: DuVall, Music: DuVall, Constantine) Crawl past my name Through my vein Feel me Parasite taking flight In deathless night Free me For your eyes that see through my design Cannot break me now Another taste of wine Come and be my murder scene You’ll be the death of me Feel the last goodbye That made you cry Nearly Come and take me now © 2000 Ultramad Music, LLC (ASCAP) / Last Leg Music (ASCAP)
Unbreakable 03:36
UNBREAKABLE (DuVall) Think about what you need And how you’ve been denied Think about what you are Are you satisfied? I’m untouchable But you love the devil in me And you’re so fuck-able But I know I’ll never get it for free Let the power fall ‘Cause they can’t kill us all And we love to see them crawl The day is coming Hey, look me in the eye Can’t you see that I’m unbreakable? Think about the wasted tears That you made me cry Think about the wasted years I was forced to try Now I’m insatiable But I can’t swallow what you’re feeding Not invisible But you only love me when I’m bleeding © 2000 Ultramad Music, LLC (ASCAP)
So Cruel 04:12
SO CRUEL (DuVall) No words I say can speak my heart And no mask I wear will let me play the part If I could be a better liar Then I might better hide my true desire You’re so cruel So cruel when you walk on by You drive me wild I’m hungry like a newborn child You’re so cruel So cruel when you walk on by Maybe we choose our destiny Born to be drifters on a raging sea And crucified upon this cross that we call love When you’re the only one that I’ll be dreaming of © 2001 Ultramad Music, LLC (ASCAP)
STRUNG OUT ON A DREAM (DuVall) Lover, I just can’t make sense of this How I could hate you just as much as miss you Lover, on a lonely night like this I would trade my kingdom just to kiss you And now the violet hour calls It wakes me from my sleep For I want so much more Than you would have me keep Strung out on a dream Stranded where I lay But over and again I give myself away Strung out on a dream But I see the light ‘Cause tonight just might be our time Tonight just might be our time coming Lover, got my pedal to the floor And I’ll soon be scratching at your door Lover, with my face against the pane I’ll hold your hand as we both go insane And now, in these violet hours, A stranger to my sleep, I want you so much It hurts for me to breathe One more chance is all I ask of you now, darlin’ One more chance is all I need One more chance is all I ask of you, my love ‘Cause tonight just might be our time Tonight just might be our time coming © 2000 Ultramad Music, LLC (ASCAP)
SINCE I LAID EYES ON YOU (DuVall) Under your knives I bore my skin and let you in I loved to be the feast on which you fed Just like a stone I fell for you Only to have you bury me beneath your bed I can’t shake, I can’t shake the pain There’s no-one else for me Since I laid eyes on you My hands are tied I’m up above and looking down To the ground under which All your victims lay Picking my words up off the floor Grasping for the only one That might make you stay There’s no-one else for me Since I laid eyes on you Made me the casualty After all we’ve been through My hands are tied © 2000 Ultramad Music, LLC (ASCAP)
So Divine 03:08
SO DIVINE (DuVall) Tonight I’ve got my partners in crime We’re gonna hijack time We’re gonna raise the dead Tonight I’m feeling more than fine I’m feeling so divine You know I’m seeing red Been a long time but you showed me how it’s done Been a long time but you finally killed your son Chasing my time on a wild-hearted run Chasing my time I’m feeling so divine In this soul of mine Tonight I’m all wound up tight I’ve got a war to fight And it’s in my head Tonight I’m strong in the light I’ve got second sight And my flesh is bread © 2001 Ultramad Music, LLC (ASCAP)
WAITING OUT THE BREAKDOWN (DuVall) I can’t stand what you’re doing to me I curse the sky for mercy And I’ll be crying forever Until the dawn of never I’m waiting out the breakdown So much violence in my mind Because you’re stealing all my time Waiting out the breakdown Sucked into your movie Your damage consumed me I’m so special in your bed But so stupid in my head In your dreams I haunt you You only hate me ‘cause I want you Your touch is an act of war But I would crawl through fire just for one more There’s poison in the water © 2000 Ultramad Music, LLC (ASCAP)
Smashdown 03:45
SMASDOWN (DuVall) What you are is no matter now Because what we want they can’t allow We came together ‘cause we heard the call We dance in circles as the empires fall And when I take you in a love embrace Don’t be afraid ‘cause you’re the one I wanna smashdown For so long now, I’ve been waiting for The blood to spill ‘Cause I just can’t get my fill © 2001 Ultramad Music, LLC (ASCAP)
TAKE IT OUT ON ME (DuVall) So take it out on me one more time again (Not what you want to see, so take it out on me) From your vibration and your gyration You’ve got a pocketful of fire and brimstone And now the worm turns You feel your body burn You ride the lightning as it shivers down your backbone I never knew my name ’Til I became the pain Dancing on the blade Look what a mess we made So take it out on me one more time again I couldn’t have missed it So sick and twisted I know my enemy as well as my reflection You saw my mask drop I watched your heart stop The thread I’m hanging by is blinding my direction We’re flying blind in the rain And while you’re crashing the plane I’m busy looking for the sermon in the suicide And your salvation depends on bleeding me at both ends But I’ll see to it that your mission isn’t satisfied So take it out me (Crown my shadow) © 2000 Ultramad Music, LLC (ASCAP)
NEVER SEE ME CRY (DuVall) I try to fool myself when everyone’s around And make believe the constant panic doesn’t bring me down Before I saw the door, you’d already locked me out Lying and deceiving Seems that’s all that you’re about Try to break me off at the knees soldier I’ve sucked in my emotions You’re never gonna see me cry Never © 2001 Ultramad Music, LLC (ASCAP)


Comes With The Fall's second full-length album, "The Year Is One," helped cement their reputation as a force to be reckoned with in underground rock. The album garnered significant college radio airplay and press reviews, including this from David Fricke in the February 14, 2002 issue of Rolling Stone:

"NEW YEAR, OLD LOUD: The first hot tip for 2002 is a hard-rock delight that will make your head spin in reverse - to the late-Eighties dawn of Seattle and the Presence-era bloom of Led Zeppelin. Sounding like rap metal and bubble punk never happened, The Year Is One (DVL Recordings, CD) by the L.A. power trio Comes With The Fall is a record of vintage kicks: fat melodic riffing and heroically sung vocals. It's no accident that ex-Alice in Chains guitarist Jerry Cantrell has used CWTF as his backing band on tour. On their own, singer-guitarist-songwriter William DuVall, bassist Adam Stanger and drummer Bevan Davies actually sound like Alice unchained, firing up the thumping classicism of "Murder Scene" and "So Cruel" with wholly modern pop heart. "We're gonna hijack time/We're gonna raise the dead," DuVall promises in "So Divine," howling like an improbable mix of Jimi Hendrix and Deep Purple's Ian Gillan. Perfectly titled for an era of rebuilding, this is a great rock record for and about starting over."


released October 11, 2001

Produced by William DuVall
Recorded and Mixed by Russ Fowler at Royaltone, Los Angeles
Recorded by Dave Dunn at his guest cottage studio in Hancock Park, Los Angeles
Mastered by Stephen Marsh at Sony Music, Los Angeles

Comes With The Fall is: William DuVall - guitar/vocals, Adam Stanger - bass, Bevan Davies - drums

© ℗ 2001 DVL Recordings, LLC


all rights reserved



Comes With The Fall Los Angeles, California

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