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Beyond The Last Light

by Comes With The Fall

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"Beyond The Last Light" is the fourth full-length album by Comes With The Fall, following "Comes With The Fall" (2000), "The Year Is One" (2001), "Live 2002" (2002), the "Live Underground 2002" tour DVD (2003), and "The Reckoning EP" (2006).

The AllMusic album review by Greg Prato:

Just who was that man who fronted Alice in Chains so surprisingly well during the group's reunion performances of 2006? That would be William DuVall, who in addition to lending a hand when needed to his friend Jerry Cantrell, also fronts another band, Comes with the Fall. Their 2001 full-length debut, Year Is One, largely fell under the radar despite receiving accolades from the likes of Rolling Stone magazine, and six years later, the group is back for more with Beyond the Last Light. Unlike some bands that merely try to find a replacement singer who is a carbon copy of the original, DuVall's vocals bear little resemblance to Layne Staley's. But that's not to say that DuVall doesn't posses one heck of a voice, which brings to mind a more agro Ian Astbury at times, especially on such tracks as "The Last Light." Musically, Comes with the Fall certainly has a soft spot for the big riff thang (DuVall also supplies six-string in the band), as evidenced by the Kyuss-esque "Rockslide" and the Audioslave-ish "Pale Horse Rider." However, not all of Beyond the Last Light is aggressive: both "White Hot" and "Still Got a Hold on My Heart" manage to take the fury down a notch, and tread on melodic territory. Finally -- a rock band in the early 21st century that won't sound out of place on rock radio, but that you also won't be embarrassed to admit liking.


released September 4, 2007

Produced by William DuVall.
Engineered by Jeff Bakos.
Recorded and Mixed, along with The Reckoning EP and several other songs held back in the vault, in 20.5 days between May and September 2005 at Bakos Amp Works, Atlanta.
Mastered by Stehen Marsh at Threshold Sound and Vision, Los Angeles 10/12/05.

Comes With The Fall is William DuVall - guitar/vocals, Adam Stanger - bass, Bevan Davies - drums.

Special guest musicians: Matthew Cowley - percussion on "Black Cross," Noah Pine - piano on "Still Got A Hold On My Heart."

© ℗ 2007 DVL Recordings, LLC


all rights reserved



Comes With The Fall Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: Rockslide

Unleash your mind
Submit to lies
Unchain the wolves
And close your eyes
My heart is howling
Beyond its size
The rooster crows
And your master dies

Comin’ down
Hard ride
’Til you hit the ground

My love is blind
To your disguise
The locusts swarm
Around your prize

© 2007 Ultramad Music, LLC (ASCAP)
Track Name: The Last Light
THE LAST LIGHT (Lyrics: DuVall, Music: DuVall, Constantine, Stanger, Davies)

The grass is always greener in a suicide
I’m floating facedown in formaldehyde
I’ve got the doctor screaming in my ear
In purgatory for another year

Wonder what’s on the other side

As soon as I leave ground
They come by the millions
Trying to pull me down
But I just take them all
And drag them up the mountain
Trying to hide that there’s a bitter ride
Waiting on the other side

Keep it rollin’ on the bitter ride

I see the vengeance rising in their eyes
Like kamikazes on the terrorize
And now they’re giving me the third degree
I know too much for them to set me free

So open up the sky
And feed them their illusion
Let ‘em have the lie
‘Cause soon it comes around
The truth of their desire
Then the end is nigh
‘Cause it’s a bitter ride
Waiting on the other side

When you let them down
And you can’t win for losing
‘Cause they’re never satisfied
They will take your crown
And knock you off the mountain
Wreck your pride
‘Cause it’s a bitter ride
Waiting on the other side

© 2007 Ultramad Music, LLC (ASCAP) / Last Leg Music (ASCAP)
Track Name: Pale Horse Rider

Heavy heart and a violent mind
Just a cog in the wheel of time
Like the driver of a stolen car
I can’t go fast enough to get too far

I’ll bring you from the darkness into light
Turn your tears into diamonds
No more crying
Throw the righteous men against the wall
Watch them fall
Bullets flying
But they keep trying

Closed eyes
White lies
It’s the pale horse rider
Can’t hide
From the pale horse rider

Burn the bodies in the funeral pyre
Join the choir
Learn your lesson
Keeps you guessing
The only way out is to start anew
That means you
No denying
It’s all dying

Closed eyes
White lies
It’s the pale horse rider
Can’t hide
From the pale horse rider
All rise
‘Cause time flies
Like a pale horse rider
Star signs
End times
It’s the pale horse rider

© 2007 Ultramad Music, LLC (ASCAP)
Track Name: White Hot

You are so much more than beautiful
I can’t help trying
You are so much more than beautiful
I can’t help crying

‘Cause I can’t find the words for what you are
I can’t find the name to claim your star
My heart is breaking

You are so much more than beautiful
I want to lose myself

‘Cause I can’t find the words for what you are
I can’t find the name to claim your star
My heart is aching

I see that look in your eyes
It’s white hot
I feel the heat from your skin
It’s white hot
And when I’m locked in your stare
There’s nowhere left to run
So let’s fly into the sun, my love

© 2007 Ultramad Music, LLC (ASCAP)
Track Name: Beautiful Destroyer
BEAUTIFUL DESTROYER (Lyrics: DuVall, Music: DuVall, Stanger, Davies)

Grasping at dead straws again
I’m clawing at dry sand
Can’t remember where I’ve been
Or who died on command

Our minds are what they’re after
So I drown in your laughter
Our souls in sweet reunion
We die to keep it movin’
Don’t cry

Beautiful destroyer of mine
Fabulous disaster so fine
I put all I’ve got on the line
Just so you might show me one sign

And so it goes
I watch them drop like flies
’Til I find another face
To use for my disguise

I walk among the millions
I smile like a civilian
My mind is on a mission
I’ll talk on one condition

© 2007 Ultramad Music, LLC (ASCAP)
Track Name: Hologram
I swore I was right
Turns out I’m all wrong
And I’ll always be wrong
I’m like a hologram
Staring at the light
Watching angels hit the ground
I swear they didn’t make a sound
And I heard the choir sing:

“This life makes us so afraid
Seems like such an unfair trade
Heaven just outside our door
Left here - still don’t know what for”

So say goodbye
Kiss the sky
Through the needle’s eye

Standing on the hill
And my head is spinning
I’m at a loss for winning
And it’s still not enough

When you have no more need to hide
(Whatcha wanna, do whatcha wanna)
Taking that rollercoaster ride
Can’t you feel me right here by your side?
Together we’ll swim against the tide

© 2007 Ultramad Music, LLC (ASCAP)
Track Name: Black Cross
BLACK CROSS (Lyrics: DuVall, Music: DuVall, Constantine)

Drink deep the air of the sunrise
It’s time to be born again
Because you know the tide’s finally turning
Can’t go back to where you’ve been

And every spell that’s cast on you shall be broken now
And every evil done to you shall be spoken now

So drown your despair
Like the river that ran you through
The black cross you bear
Will one day deliver you

Crash landed on a mountain range
I don’t know how you survived
But I do know you can’t take for granted
The will that’s kept you alive

For every star is formed in fire
And so it goes for you
And every face along your path
Sees your heart is true

So don’t burn the bridge
‘Cause I still believe in you
And drown your despair
Like the river that ran you through
The black cross you bear
Shall one day deliver you

© 2007 Ultramad Music, LLC (ASCAP) / Last Leg Music (ASCAP)
Track Name: Deadly Ecstasy

You got the swagger but your stride’s too long
You got your facts right but your story’s all wrong
You’re quick and dirty like a modern machine
But destiny has called you to a dead scene

Don’t you think it’s time we finally severed all our ties?
Don’t you ever wonder why we swallowed all those lies?

It’s like a silent scream
This deadly ecstasy
And you get this all for free

Layers of intention make a lovely bride
And I know you got plenty on the side
With armageddon comin’ ‘round the bend
We’ll both be laughing right up to the end

Got me tied up to the chair, why don’t you pull the switch?
Don’t you ever tire of acting like a psycho witch?

It’s like a silent scream
This deadly ecstasy
And you get this all for free
So come and stay with me

So exhausted, so enchanted, so ecstatic
But my picture still looks so iconoclastic
You’re the only one around who really sees me
All the others in this town just wanna bleed me
Got to take a step back, this is too fantastic
But it all evaporates, that’s automatic

© 2007 Ultramad Music, LLC (ASCAP)
Track Name: Still Got A Hold On My Heart

Leave me to my delusion
Tell me what to say
When the day is stealing every illusion
I’m hoping, praying in vain that you’ll say
That we’ll start again

I can’t outrun the days gone by
You still got a hold on my heart
But you’re worth every tear I cry
You still got a hold
And there’s no letting go

Sometimes when I’m still dreaming
I listen and I could swear that I hear you singing
Off in the distance
You’re waiting for me to join the next line
But I pantomime

Just like the sky surrenders the rain falling down
I keep on flying and crashing that plane
Into your killing ground
Every explosion knowing my soul is glory bound
Then you can write on my grave
That the love I gave you saved you
While I slowly drowned

© 2007 Ultramad Music, LLC (ASCAP)
Track Name: Fire Come Down

I still believe that love will save us
And Mother Nature’s world she gave us
Declaring death before the honor role
And glory to the god we sold

You think you have the victory
You think your laws can bury me
But I’ll be firing like a loaded gun
And I’ll be gone before the rising sun

There’s no coming down after this
Higher than the clouds that you kiss
Listen to the sound

Of a fire come down
A fire walks with me
Fire come down

© 2007 Ultramad Music, LLC (ASCAP)